June 21, 2024
Clone Watches

High-quality clone watches are becoming more and more popular these days. More and more people want to buy a watch that is both beautiful, reliable, and affordable. Customizing these watches can help you achieve this goal. This article will show you how to customize your own Patek Philippe super clone watch according to your specific needs.

Which Is the Right Screen Protector for Your Watch?

The first thing you’ll want to do is to find a screen protector that can fit your watch. The screen protector should be able to cover the entire screen of the watch. The most popular brand of super clone watches is Yume Watches. This brand uses a special type of glass that has extremely high hardness. If this glass touch your skin, it promises to not cause any harm or damage to your skin. However, this does not mean that the high hardness makes it scratch-proof.

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Which Watch Back Should I Choose?

Yume Watches uses a special type of glass that has extremely high hardness. The glass surface is very smooth and shiny. However, Yume Watches does not guarantee to offer scratch-proof protection for their watches. They do use a special type of glass that can prevent scratches, but it cannot guarantee scratch-proofness. Another brand of super clone watches is Gosha. This brand uses a plastic material to cover more than 90% of the surface area of its watch’s body. Plastic covers can offer scratch-proof protection for your watch.

How to Fix the Watch’s Crown

When you wear a watch, the crown of it may get damaged. It may happen because of the friction between your hand and the crown or due to the vibration from passing vehicles. The base metal of most super clone watches is very soft and bulky. This makes it easy for it to bend out of shape over time, especially under any type of stress or force such as impact from a vehicle or from casual wear. Use a lighter flame to melt the damaged crown so that you can easily reshape it with your fingers.

What Hand Strap Is Best for Your Watch?

Most super clone watches use a regular 20mm strap. This makes it easier for you to find an aftermarket one to replace the one that came with your watch. However, some models, such as Yume Watches, use straps that do not have a standard measurement of 20mm.