September 27, 2023
Sell Your Home in Oklahoma

The buyer’s agent in an FSBO transaction understands that no other agent w involved. Even if a purchaser is adamant about seeing your house, an agent may attempt to dissuade them from making an offer by explaining how it is more difficult and risky for the seller to finalize the sale without an expert representing them. Know more at:

Recent Trends In Selling Of A Property:

Even so, there are buyer’s agents who will show your home to prospective purchasers, given the appropriate circumstances. As a seller, you may need to sign an agreement also with the agent outlining the percentage commission you’ll pay the agent.

Negotiating a commission rate of 2-3% might be better. In writing, it is essential to specify that the agent represents the buyer exclusively. As the buyer’s representative, the agent representing the seller may also be obligated to share sensitive information with their client, such as the seller’s urgency to complete the deal.

Things To Know About the Sale Of A Property:

It’s common for homeowners to feel a range of emotions as they prepare to sell their property. An agent acts as a buffer between you and the buyer, reducing the likelihood that you would make rash decisions like overpricing your house, declining to match a low offer out of hurt pride, or caving in to pressure to close the deal quickly. Because it’s part of their work, “a realtor may follow up without expressing a feeling of excitement or desperation,” as Ailion puts it.

Can you leave work early every time anybody wants to visit your house? When the phone rings, and it’s a prospective client, will you be able to excuse yourself from the meeting? Do you have the stamina at the end of a hard day to take full advantage of every chance to advertise your home? Do you have much experience selling houses?


Have you ever tried your hand at it before? You’ll likely respond “no” to each of these queries. An agent would say “yes” to everything you’ve asked. In addition, if you use a real estate agent, they can show potential buyers your property even while you’re not there by providing a lock box for the entrance