June 24, 2024
How to sell a house as a private individual

Selling a house privately, therefore without an agency, means saving on the costs of the real estate agency , therefore not having to consider the commission to be paid in case of sale of the house https://www.kindhousebuyers.com/wa/seattle/

However, the owner who intends to proceed alone will have to consider a series of indispensable commitments under the bureaucratic profile: under the bureaucratic profile, indispensable starting from the preliminary sale up to the conclusion of the sale; he will also have to deal with the promotion of his property in a very competitive market and have potential buyers view the house, providing them with all the necessary information and therefore always being very available.

These are tasks that should not be underestimated, which can be very stressful and require even longer times than expected. So let’s go into the details of what you have to take into account if you want to sell a house privately without an agency.

How to prepare the house for sale

sell a house

Very important for the owner, in the preliminary phase, is to prepare the house in the best possible way since as soon as the announcement is published, the first requests for a visit may already arrive. Potential buyers will have to find in front of them a clean, tidy, free from clutter and functioning in all its parts. To optimize this phase, a home staging intervention with the help of a professional who takes care of making the most of the properties to be sold can be very useful.

Selling price: how to determine it

Then comes the time to establish an adequate selling price , proportional to the state of the house and the trend of the offer on the market. You can find information on this by consulting the  OMI portal (Real Estate Market Observatory) , but to establish a sale price in line with the market it is also useful to keep an eye on the real estate ads in your reference area, in order to an idea of ​​the prices offered.

How to best promote the house to sell it

At this point the owner who intends to sell his property will have to take care of  creating an attractive ad , publish it on the various portals and promote it, always taking into account that it is a very competitive market.