June 17, 2024

The right meme can genuinely make your day even better. These hilarious photos, coupled with their captions, will make you smile no matter how bad your day is. And one of the images that can captivate the audience’s attention is pet memes. There are plenty of funny memes that are circulating the internet. You might want to check out these viral pet memes worth sharing.

Keyboard Cat

This is the pet meme that probably started it all. Keyboard cat was posted on YouTube when the site was still infancy. Years later, Keyboard Cat became one of the most popular pet memes on the internet. Backed with a catchy song, this talented kitty made it substantial online.

Grumpy Cat

They say the King of all internet animals is the infamous “Grumpy Cat.” The meme of this disgruntled-looking kitty has indeed built an online empire simply with its famous scowl. Grumpy Cat memes are wildly popular on Instagram. One has over 1.4 million followers where Grumpy Cat is photoshopped into Mount Rushmore.

Marnie The Dog

This viral pooch became famous because of its fantastic face with her floppy tongue out on full display. Anybody will agree that Marnie the Dog is equally adorable and goofy. This pup has gained quite an impressive following on social media for good reasons.

Everything Goats

It’s challenging to stay away from cats and dogs memes if you are an animal lover, but don’t forget that goats have their antics too. They make great pets as well. A Twitter account called “Everything Goats” share memes of hilarious animals. One of their most popular is a 17-second video of a kitten who looked so adorable when surprised. If you find it, for sure, you will never stop watching it again and again.

Pizza Rat

If this list has cats and dogs, then it is just right to have a viral rat meme. This Pizza Rat does not belong to any human, but it surely deserves the attention it’s getting these days. This tiny rat was caught on video with its slice of New York pizza. Pizza Rat started more funny rodent memes since then.

The internet would never be the same without funny memes. The internet would be boring, that’s for sure. Some people are wondering why these pet memes are going viral? Well, simply because with just their faces and by being their naturally adorable selves, these pet memes can make our days better.