September 27, 2023
Opry backstage tours

This article includes information about visiting the grand ole opry. You’ll find a few great tips on how you can reach the place, and enjoy it in the best way possible in the few points mentioned below.

So, let’s start.

Cost of Tickets

If you want to enjoy the Opry backstage tours in addition to the regular grand ole opry shows, you’ll have to buy the backstage tour tickets. Depending on the ticket availability, these tickets might cost you around $33 and upwards per person.

The backstage tour will help you visit the whole building in detail. You’ll get to know a lot of things about this historical place with the help of this tour.

You should also book the backstage tour tickets as soon as possible since they are very popular and sell out soon after getting available.

Opry backstage tours

Choosing The Daytime Tour

As the name suggests, this tour is done during the day. Usually, the tour is done on the days in which there are no-shows, or are completed before the shows begin.

This to last for one hour, and you will get help from an experienced guide who’ll tell you more things about country music and the history of the building.

This tour will also cost adults around $33 per piece, and the price is lower for kids.

The After-Show Tour

This tour is basically the same as the daytime tour, but it takes place after the show ends. You’ll see the entrance and exit points of the artists after the show, and maybe even get a chance to see them backstage. The guide will show you the dressing room and other important places as well.

These were some of the best ways to get grand all Opry tickets and do a thorough tour of this historical place.