December 7, 2023
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Well-maintained possessions like the used cars in phoenix or certain electronic devices will keep you safe and content. On the contrary, a vehicle that is neglected and devoid of regular maintenance is prone to accidents and sudden breakdowns. One of the main reasons for a car accident is a flat tire. Do you want to know the common causes of a flat tire? Here you go!

  • Sharp objects
  • Bad roads
  • Heat
  • Wear and tear

Sharp objects: Just like a balloon bursts after the touch of a pin, in the same way, a sharp piece like broken glass, or an industrial staple creates a hole in the tire. The main cause of such contact is driving the car on pathways with trash. A simple yet effective tip to implement is to avoid roads in poor condition.

Bad roads: As mentioned earlier, a dirty and uncleaned area covered with dirt is a trigger to tire bursts. The uneven ways do not alone impact tires, they also damage the vehicle’s undercarriage, wheels, and axles. You can prevent the damage by reducing the pace of your vehicle and maintaining a decent distance between your car and your fellow’s automobile.

used cars in phoenix

Heat: Have you ever observed that most owners complain of flat tires in the summer season? That is because heat causes flatness in the tire. Risk of blowout increases due to increased internal pressure. Such conditions are a result of the expansion of the air in the tires which takes place due to a rise in the degree of mercury.

Wear and tear: It is a fact that every tire undergoes the wear and tear phase. However, a few cars reach the stage too fast due to poor driving i.e., sudden starting and stopping of engines that causes pressure on the tires. Another reason is an improperly aligned wheel. Ensure to frequently set the alignment of the wheels and avoid surprising the vehicle on roads.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that a healthy tire can transform into a flat tire due to interaction with sharp objects, bad roads, hot temperatures, and general wear and tear. Follow the mentioned tips to have a smooth journey.